Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015 - Transfers

Hello familia! It's so good to hear from you all every week. Thanks so much for writing me and supporting me and keeping me up to date on all the craziness back home! :)

Well, first a kind of funny story that happened on Monday. So we emailed at the mission office last week because we had just picked up our mini missionary. Then, because we had a car for once we decided to find a walmart on our way back, because walmart is a luxury here in Aguas Buenas. So after driving around for forever and getting so lost, we finally found a walmart! Which was so weird! I felt like I was back home. Anyways, we finished and then started on the way back but got lost again and ended up going the wrong direction for about 30 min. But before we could turn around, our tire popped! We were on the freeway so it was kind of scary, but we were able to pull over safely thank goodness. Then we called the zone leaders and they started walking us through how to change a tire.... just imagine. Three sister missionaries on the side of the freeway trying to fix a tire.... it was rough. But eventually someone pulled over and helped change our tire and all was well after that. It was pretty exciting. :)

And real quick before I talk about this week, tomorrow is transfers! And surprise, Hermana Stevens and I are staying right here! We knew we would because the training program is 12 weeks and I've only done half. So yep, another transfer in Aguas Buenas! Wahoo!

Ok, now for the week. Wow. This week was a week of refinement that's for sure. We started this week with 8 baptismal dates and now we have 1. It was pretty disappointing to have 7 fall through this week after working with them so much. We were given just about every experience this week that a missionary can have. It was a roller coaster of emotions but wow, we learned so much from all of it. One of the things we faced this week was trying to help an investigator who is suffering from depression and who attempted suicide. It was really hard because we didn't really know how to help her and she didn't believe we could help her because we hadn't been through the same things she had. Which is true. We hadn't. But it made me think of this quote I found this week from the last general conference that says "I don't completely understand your challenges. But through my personal tests and trials- the ones that have brought me to my knees- I have become well acquainted with the One who does understand, He who was 'acquainted with grief' who experienced all and understands all." I used this quote so much this week. It's true that I couldn't empathize with a lot of the people we talked to this past week, but because of my own personal trials I have found someone who can help and who does know exactly what we go through. And that's why I'm here on a mission- to help others find the One who understands, who knows, who heals, who loves. I know that no matter what we are going through, Christ knows exactly what we feel and exactly how to help us. My testimony of the Atonement was strengthened so much through the experiences we had this week.I know He's always there for us with arms outstretched just waiting for us to turn to Him and ask Him for His help. 

So even though this week we lost a lot of people, I learned so much and now I'm even closer to my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. It was the refiner's fire and I know Heavenly Father gave us these experiences to learn very specific things and to mold us into the missionaries He wants us to be. It was such a spiritual and defining week for me and I love missionary work even more (if that's possible!) :) Life is just wonderful and what a beautiful experience it is to be able to learn and grow and become more like our Father in Heaven! There is so much we can learn and become and do and with the Lord's help, it is all possible!

Thanks for your love and support! Good luck with school and work and everything else! :)

Mom- sorry, no pictures again. I think it's just because the cord or card reader is old or something like that. Because it's the same computer that I have been sending them on, but it just decided not to work anymore. So I'm not really sure.... Pictures might have to wait until I'm transferred.... sorry! 

Love you lots!!!!!

~Hermana Allan

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