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CABO ROJO!!!! November 9, 2015

Missionaries (in yellow) doing a beach service project

Beautiful Puerto Rico

I'd hate to see that in my house!

Saying good bye to her "house parents"

With her trio companionship (Herman Human and Herman Melgar)

Nice looking crab

First day in Cabo Rojo

Eating shark!

and liking it!!! :)
Wow! What a week!!!! I'm just going to jump right into it...

Monday was a lot harder than I expected. Packing was easy and I was done super fast, but then we left to say goodbye to some members and boy was that hard. One member came over with a package of a whole bunch of souvenirs so that I would remember Aguas Buenas and she was just crying and crying so of course I was crying too, and then another member asked us to visit her and she made us a huge goodbye feast and then I said goodbye to the couple that lived above us. That was really hard. They are so sweet and are like my mission grandparents. It was so hard to say goodbye. But at the same time I was super excited to go to Cabo Rojo so that made it a tiny bit better...

So Tuesday we did a lot of car hopping as different companionships changed companions. We have a car to use here in Cabo Rojo so my companions met me in Guaynabo and we started on the 3 hour drive to Cabo Rojo. We got about an hour away and we realized that the other hermana who had been in Cabo Rojo but was being transferred to another area still had the cell phone. So we had to go back and track her down and then we started again on the 3 hour drive! :) It was a great time to get to know my new companions! Hermana Human is from Arizona and this is her last transfer on her mission. Hermana Melgar is from Honduras and she has 6 months on her mission. They are awesome! Then on Wednesday we left for a cita in the morning and when we got back to our apartment for lunch, we realized we had left the keys inside and there was no way to get in.... so we spent the next 3 hours calling people and trying to find away in because no one (not even the owner) had a key to get in. It was crazy. But we finally got in! Then on Wednesday we went grocery shopping and decided to buy all of our food together and split the cost. (We had tons of food because we were buying for the month.) So we started loading up the conveyer belt with our food and then when it was our turn we looked up and saw that we were in the lane of 10-15 items only...... we felt so bad but the lady let us stay because we had already unloaded all our food. So we bought $200 worth of food in a "10-15 items" lane.... With the cell phone and then the keys and then the store, it was a great start to the transfer! :) 

I'm not going to lie, I was super nervous to be in a trio, but so far, it's been great! We're having a great time and I have already learned so much from each of them and can't wait to learn more this transfer. Cabo Rojo is pretty campo just like Aguas Buenas but it's a bit bigger. It was hilarious because our first day everything I saw made me so excited. (like, "wow, look how many stores there are! Or wow, look how big the plaza is! or wow, there are actually kids and teenagers here in Puerto Rico!). It was so funny, because to everyone else, Cabo Rojo is super small, but because I've only been in Aguas Buenas, everything was so big and exciting for me! It's great! :) It's super super rainy here so on the first day we stopped and bought jelly shoes! It's great because they dry super fast and are only $5/pair. 

And yes! I've finally experienced the beach! We had a service project there on Saturday and we went to a gorgeous inlet where we picked up trash. It was so pretty! I hope you enjoy the pictures! :) But here's something even more exciting... on Friday, we went to visit a member who owns a pincho business. I love pinchos!!! It's basically just a kabob- it's a long piece of meat wrapped around a skewer and then grilled and then drenched in some sort of sauce (usually BBQ sauce). So we went to visit him and he offered us free pinchos. Usually I eat chicken pinchos, but this time, guess what I tried? Shark! I ate a shark pincho! AND IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! Being on the beach, he had all different kinds of seafood pinchos, so I decided I just had to try one. It was amazing. Then he asked us to try oysters and I ate that too, but that one wasn't so good...

It's been a bit difficult, because here in Cabo Rojo, we cover two wards. I don't know why, but it's been a bit hard for me to keep track of who is in what ward and when each ward has their meetings and things like that. And we switch wards every other week. I feel like it's going to be hard to have a close relationship with the members because we bouncing in between wards but hopefully it'll all work out. We have one lady with a baptismal date but other than that, there aren't really any investigators here either... only lots and lots and lots of menos activos. That's the case with all of Puerto Rico. There are pages and pages and pages of menos activos. A lot of people here get baptized for the missionaries and then once that missionary leaves, they go inactive. And there's a lot of false doctrine within the wards and branches too so we're trying to fix that as well. It's going to be a lot of work here, but i'm super excited to be here in Cabo Rojo!

Amelia- You're getting married?! Wow, i never thought she would beat Nathan to it.... :) How cute! :)

Heidi- great job with gymnastics! I can't wait to watch you do all these things when I get back! I'm sorry about your toe... :(

Nathan- thanks for your email!

Dad- thanks for your email too and the spiritual thought! 

Good luck with the singles ward and work and school and everything in between! I love you guys so so so so much!!! Thanks for everything. You guys are amazing! Love ya!

~Hermana Allan

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