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August 15, 2016 - Working by the Spirit

zone conference

super soaking wet

Hello family!!!! Wow, pero wow. So many wonderful things happened this week! First we had zone conference on Tuesday! It was absolutely wonderful. We talked about doing missionary work in the Lord's way and always by the Spirit and we already have seen huge changes in our area and in the zone due to applying these things with our investigators. It's incredible how the work really is so much more effective and effecient when we have the Spirit with us.

So we focused a lot on following the guidance of the Spirit and we were led to so many families! We hadn't found a family in a long time, so it was so wonderful to find so many this week! We found one, that I had actually contacted before with Hermana Helmick, but the first time, they weren't interested at all. But we were led to that same area again this week and we talked to them and they are so prepared! It's a mom and three kids, and they all are so interested and are reading the Book of Mormon and everything! They are wonderful!!!

Also, we've been teaching this couple for awhile now and they just hadn't really been progressing and we were debating if we should drop them. But we felt like we should keep teaching them and try harder to get members present iin our lessons with them. So we started having more lessons with members and almost immediately, they started progressing. Now they are reading every chapter that we leave them in the Book of Mormon, they came to church, and they even accepted baptismal dates! It's been such a HUGE miracle! They weren't all to interested in the beginning but now, they're asking for work off on Sundays and they just love all of it! It has been incredible and I know it's all because of the members.

M. is so awesome! He is so ready to be baptized, but unfortunately his operation was moved to today so he won't be completely recovered by this Saturday, but we're hoping for the next Saturday. we're not worried though, because he has such a strong testimony of the gospel, so he'll definitely get baptized. :)

Also, did I tell you that Hermana Curneal is still in Cabo Rojo and she's been working with A.'s parents and his dad is getting baptized!!!! They didn't want anything to do with the church while we were teaching A., but A.'s example changed them and now they get to be part of it as well! I'm so happy for them! :)

This week was a little bit painful as well... there was one day where the sun was so strong and it was so bright that we couldn't even open our eyes. So we were looking straight down at the ground as we walked because it was too blazing hot to look up. Well..... next thing I know, I run face-first right into a ladder that was sticking out of the back of a truck. Literally, forehead+ladder=BANG. It hurt so bad. And needless to say I had quite a big headache afterwards.... But hey, something to laugh about now. :)

Also, we got caught in the rain walking home one night and we got absolutely soaked! Mission life is just so much fun!! :) And yes, every single Puerto Rican was watching the tennis match and it was so hard keeping my eyes of the TV. I wanted to watch it so badly, but don't worry, I didn't. :) But it was a huge deal! Everyone was partying and shouting in the streets and everything. It was great! :)

I've been thinking a lot about prayer lately. How wonderful it is that we have access to the power, love, wisdom, and peace of God, all through a simple prayer. One of the most profound things we can do is humbly get down on our knees and plead to our Father in Heaven. I know that if we fervently pray and pour out our souls to God, our life will be filled with so much more meaning and we'll begin to see the Lord's hand more in our lives and recognize the answers to our prayers. Prayer is such a wonderful tool to finding peace, joy, help, guidance, etc. Anything we could possibly need, can be resolved through a simple prayer. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us and cares about us and wants to hear from us. He will listen to our prayers and send down blessings from heaven so that we can be happy and be able to continue onward and endure to the end.

I love you all so much and am praying for you each and every day! I love you!!!!! :)

PS- when did I get old enough to have friends and even people younger than me getting married?! Such a strange thought.... Thanks for keeping me updated! And say hi to Jessica for me! She's in my prayers as well.

I love you all! :)

~Hermana Allan

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