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August 22, 2016 - My Purpose

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Anniversary :)
I love hearing from you guys every Monday! I love you all so so very much!

This week was a blazing hot week, but super good! M. is still preparing for baptism on Saturday, but he's having some problems.... he had surgery last week because he had kidney stones, but now he's having more complications so he's back in the hospital. We're hoping and praying that everything goes well and that he can still get baptized on Saturday. Please include him in your prayers!

Also, we found a new couple this week that are absolutely golden!  They're both in the army and they have the cutest baby girl and they said "we know it's a commandment to congregate, but we just aren't sure which church to join..." That alone is a huge miracle, because most people here don't understand that there is only one true church. But they already understand that and are so eager to learn and find out for themselves if this is the truth. The hard part is that they prefer English and teaching in English is soooo hard. But it's a fun challenge. :) But they have been so prepared and I just know they'll receive their answer and that they'll be baptized!

Then we had a really cool experience with another investigator who asked us "If you were studying, had a good job, good family, and had all you needed, why leave it all behind to come here to be missionaries full-time? Why can't you do all at the same time?" The Spirit was so strong as we explained why we do what we do. We talked about how there is no time to waste because Christ could come any day now so we have to prepare ourselves NOW. So we need full-time missionaries to go out and bring as many people as possible to the knowledge of the gospel. He couldn't understand why we would sacrifice so much, but I know its because he just doesn't have a testimony of the restored gospel. If he truly understood the message we share, he would understand its importance and the urgency of getting it out to everyone. It was a very powerful moment as we focused on our purpose as missionaries. I made this sacrifice and am out here for a year and a half because I truly believe in what we share. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe it. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't received any blessings or if I didn't think it would be beneficial for others. I know without a doubt in my heart that what we share is true. I know it's of eternal importance. I know that it can bless the lives of everyone in the same incredible way that it has blessed mine. That's why I'm here. Because I believe it and because I love the Lord and I want to be His hands in blessing the lives of His children.

I also got to go on an intercambio with Hermana Melgar! It was so fun being able to work together again! For companionship study, we studied about our purpose as missionaries in Preach my Gospel and she said something that I loved. She said, "Really the Lord doesn't need me to baptize these people. He has the power to do it himself. But He loves us and wants to bless us and wants to give us the opportunity to strengthen our own testimonies and see the Atonement in action, and because of that He has sent us here to teach these people and help them progress towards baptism. So really we aren't here because the people need us, but we're here because we need the people and we need this experience." I loved that. It is such a wonderful opportunity to be here as missionaries to proclaim the gospel and I know that it's the greatest investment that I will ever make! Being a missionary is the best and I'm so grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to be an instrument in His hands and witness His miracles. I love everything about it! :)

I totally forgot to thank you for the package! I'm a horrible person. But, thank you so much!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!! :) 

Oh yeah, and we had transfers! Hermana Keith and I are staying the same, but they are taking out the other two sisters in our house, so it'll just be us two. I'm pretty sure I'll be dying in Guayama and that Hermana Keith will kill me so we probably won't have any changes until the end of my mission. But I'm super happy about that because I love Guayama and I love Hermana Keith!!! :)

I'm sorry that you guys had such a crazy and stressful week! I hope this week is better. I'm praying for you guys! Good luck Heidi with your road test! You'll do great! :) And did you say you are planning on dropping gymnastics?!

Say hi to Maddie for me!

I love you guys so so so very much!!!!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week and that you're able to rest a bit! :) I love you!!!!

~Hermana Allan

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