Monday, November 14, 2016

October 24, 2016 - The Atonement and Missionary Work

Hello family!!! I love you all so much!!!! 

But..... this week was really good! We had zone meeting on Tuesday and we taught the Atonement and introduced new Standards of Excellence. It was such a powerful meeting. The Atonement is absolutely incredible and I'm so grateful for how much it helps us and enables us in our lives. I learned that the key to being an powerful missionary is having a fuerte understanding and testimony of the Atonement. If we truly understand the Atonement, we'll become truly converted to Christ and the sign of true conversion is the desire to share the gospel with everyone. So if we strengthen our testimony of the Atonement we will have the desire to bring his truth to every one of our brothers and sisters. It was such a wonderful meeting and the spirit was so strong! 

Also, we're teaching this lady named J. and she is wonderful! She accepted to be baptized on the 12th of November and she is always so excited to learn more and prepare for her baptism! The only thing is that she has a fear of going to church, so we're working on that one, but other than that she is progressing so much and changing each and every day as she applies the gospel in her life! 

I also had one of the best intercambios ever this week! I was with Hna. Guevara from Mexico and she is such a powerful missionary! She started her mission in Mexico for 3 transfers waiting for her visa and then has been here in Puerto Rico for 3 weeks. I learned so much from her! She was telling me about how hard the adjustment has been because in Mexico, they have baptisms just about every week, but here... it's a lot different. But she taught me a really cool lesson. She said that it doesn't matter that we contact 100 people who reject us while Mexico is contacting 100 people who get baptized, because we're all on the same team and all working towards the same goal. Those 100 contacts in Mexico have the same value as the 100 contacts we have here. We're all working in the vineyard of the Lord and maybe the people here aren't choosing to be baptized, but we are still doing our job of bringing the gospel to them and giving them the opportunity to accept it. Sometimes I feel a little frustrated that some of my friends are having tons of baptisms while I'm not, but then I realized, it's true. We are all on the same team. And I'm so super happy that people in other countries are changing their lives and choosing to repent and be baptized. And I'm going to keep working hard here in Puerto Rico so that hopefully I can find some that will also choose to repent and be baptized. 

Also on the intercambio, we went to an appointment at night but it fell through and the person wasn't home and I wasn't sure what we should do because it was too late to go very far, but I felt like I had already talked to just about everyone in the area we were in, but we prayed and felt like we needed to stay close so we started walking and we found a family who had just moved there about a week ago and they are super religious and super interested in the church! It was such a huge miracle! The Lord is preparing people and He will lead us to them if we let Him.

Sunday was super powerful as well. I had the opportunity to do a musical number on the piano and then we had an investigator in church and the classes were so inspired and so amazing! The investigator in church was Caroline. She was the elders' investigator but they recently passed her over to us so we've been working with her and she's progressing a lot! We're hoping that she'll be baptized this Saturday, so please pray for her so that everything goes well and that she can be baptized! :)

Thanks for all of the pictures and for all of your love and support!!!! I love you all so so very much and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

~Hermana Allan

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