Friday, October 30, 2015

October 19, 2015

Town of Aguas Buenas

Plaza of Aguas Buenas

Wizard of Aguas Buenas

Wow, so many people to write today so I'm going to try to do this fast today, but hopefully it will still all make sense. :) I feel like everyone single week is just walking and contacting and walking and contacting and walking some more. By Sunday we are just completely exhausted. It's a bit frustrating because we contact so much but still hardly ever find anyone to teach. But we keep on going. I know there's someone somewhere and we'll find them eventually! 

This week, the family that had baptismal dates moved with hardly any notice so that was a bummer. But on the flip side we have a reactivation! A mom and her daughter have been coming to church again lately and all they need is an interview with the president of the branch and they can be counted as active members again! Yay! We're super excited for that! :) 

Other than that, not much happened this week. But I learned some really helpful things this week too. For one, we decided to focus more on obedience this week. We chose one thing to work on and this week is was to stay out until the very last second that we have to be home. The night-time is so hard because no one wants visits and no one is in the streets and we can't contact and so sometimes we get to our house a little before our curfew. But this week when we got to our house before curfew, even if it was 5 or 10 minutes before, we kept on walking and every time Heavenly Father put someone in our path to talk to. It was really cool to see the blessings from exact obedience and using every second to find and to teach. 

Also, I've been reading in Alma this week all of the war chapters. It's a bit difficult to apply in our lives but we still can learn some really important things from them. One of the things goes along with what you mentioned mom in your sunday school lesson- prepare. The nephite army at first had about half the amount of men as the lamanite army but they still were able to defeat the lamanite army because they were prepared. They came with armor and well-made weapons and were able to withstand the blows of the lamanites. If we prepare and put on our armor through the gospel of Christ, we can withstand anything that comes at us in this life. I also love how Moroni didn't know where to go to block the lamanite army so he asked Alma to ask the Lord and the Lord gave them a clear answer of where they could go to do it. I love this example that really the Lord can lead us and guide us in any and ALL aspects of our lives. No matter what problems we are having or what decisions we may be trying to make, God WILL HELP US. There is nothing beyond His reach or beyond His knowledge and He will do all He can to lead us and guide us in the the way that will lead to happiness and peace.

I love this gospel and I still love being a missionary! It's the best thing in the world!!!!!

Hermana Pardo is great! She is soooo patient! Sometimes I get frustrated pretty easily when I can't understand her but she patiently repeats everything 2, 3, 4, or 5 times until I understand. I'm so grateful for her patience and hope that I can learn to have the same patience as her one day... Sounds like you guys had a great time at Cornbellies and Park City! I love those traditions! Thanks for the pics and the updates on everything! 

Dad- I love the shirt! I'm so glad you wore it and that it fits! :) Haha, no I'm not native speaker but people have told me a couple times that I sound like a Puerto Rican. Yay! :) However, yesterday we were talking to a mom and her daughters and I said something to one of the girls and she gave me a weird look and then looked at her mom and said "I can't understand anything she's saying!" And her mom said, "It's ok. It's because she's American!" It was really funny. Other than that, it's coming along. Still have much to learn, but little by little it's coming. 

Heidi- 3 books in 3 days?! Holy cow! That's awesome, though. I love the Harry Potter books! Good luck in school and gymnastics! I know you can do it! Love you!

Chris- I'm so jealous that you might be going on heritage tours. You will have so much fun! You better send me lots of pics! 

Nathan- Thanks for writing me! Good luck with school! Hope everything is going well!

Amelia- I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

~Hermana Allan

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