Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct. 26, 2015 - Frozen in Puerto Rico

Don't have much time today because we have a zone activity but hopefully I can type everything fast enough...

This week we focused a lot on contacting old investigators and we found some that we really excited to see us so we are hoping that there is some potential with them! Then, it was cool because one day as we were walking back to our house and man stopped his car in front of us and asked us who we were and what we were doing and later asked if we would meet with him and his wife. So a couple days later we met at a pizzeria with them and had a great time! They are Jewish and it was so interesting learning about their religion and then finding ways to connect their religion with our religion. It was super cool and we're hoping to teach them again some time this week! 

Also, I had my first "family dinner" here in Puerto Rico! I've never sat down to eat with an entire family before, but this week we visited a member and had dinner with her husband and her son. It was so nice! It made me miss our family dinners a bit... I'm super grateful for family dinners and it's incredible to see the difference it makes in families. This family is a lot closer to each other and a lot happier and I know it's because of the time they spend together. It was really nice!

Also, Yes! I got the package and the letters! It was perfect because we had just finished a long 3 hour session of weekly planning and were just about to head out the door when the elders dropped by with mail and I had a package and lots of letters! It made me so happy! It was like Christmas morning! :) So thank you so much! And I love the shirts! Thanks for including me in your girls night. :) 

This weekend has been so cold!!!! We're freezing! It's funny because it would probably still be warm for you guys but because we've adjusted to the Puerto Rican heat, it's so cold! It's been pouring rain the past couple days and we just get utterly soaked. Saturday we got so wet and were shivering from head to toe so we had to go back home to dry off and change clothes. It's the weirdest feeling to be cold again.... I think I like the heat better. :) But I love the rain, so it's been pretty fun!

This week I learned a lot about receiving personal revelation. I had started to feel like I wasn't receiving any revelation for my studies or for the area or the branch and I was a bit frustrated about that. But then I realized that I never asked direct questions and usually didn't wait for an answer. It was always just things like "help me know thy will for this area and this branch..." etc. But this week I tried to ask direct questions like "What do I need to study in my personal studies today?" and then I waited for a response and it came every time. It was so cool! I was led to the exact things that I needed to study in the mornings, or in lessons I was led to an exact scripture to share, etc. Revelation is available to all of us, we just need to ask for it. It's a test of how much we truly rely on the Lord and trust in Him and how much faith we have that He will answer our questions so He waits until we ask. And I know that if we wait a bit to hear His answer, we will hear it and we will be guided to do His will. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father loves us so much to give us a way to receive His guidance and revelation in every aspect of our lives. 

Dad- thank you for your suggestions! Those are great! We've been needing new ideas, because contacting just hasn't been working... so maybe we'll give a few of those a try. Thanks so much!

Heidi- wow you got some major air on the beam! That's incredible! I'm sure you did fabulous! I wrote you a letter today so hopefully you should get it soon.... :) Love you!

Thanks so much for all you guys do! And be sure to send me pictures of all the Halloween costumes! Love you guys!

~Hermana Allan

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