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January 11, 2016

Happy King's Day!

Darker hair for a change! :)
Hello everybody!!!!! I love hearing from you guys every week! Thanks so much for the emails and the love and support and everything you guy's do. I love you all so so very much!!!

Lots of things happened this week and it was pretty amazing! We had so many experiences being led by the Spirit and it just reminded me of how essential the Spirit is in missionary work and in our lives in general. We were led to people that desperately needed comfort and were led to less actives who had never had missionary visits before and led to houses that we were searching for but didn't know exactly where to find them. It was incredible! Never do anything that separates you from the presence and the guidance of the Spirit. It's not worth it. Things are so much better and so much easier with a companion who sees and knows the bigger picture and has the eternal perspective!

This week was King's Day! It's celebrated just as much as Christmas here. We watched the Three Wise Men ride through the streets on their horses and everyone was giving out candy and having fun. It was great! Not so great for missionary work, because no one wanted us.... but it was still fun! :)

Also, I basically burned all of my taste buds off of my tongue this week..... Ouch. It hurt... a lot.... and it was a bummer because the next day someone made mofongo for us (a typical Puerto Rican dish) but I could hardly taste it because my tongue was so burned. :( Oh well, all is well now. :) Also, I dyed my hair this week! I'm sending a picture... not sure if you can tell very well in the pic but it's quite a bit darker and I love it! Anyways, that was a fun change this week!

We had another reactivation this week! It's a lady that was a missionary many many years ago but became inactive partly because of health problems and partly because of laziness.... but she's been coming every week for a while now and accepted an assignment in the church so now she's officially reactivated! YAY! :) And the elders of Cabo Rojo 1 had a baptism which was exciting!

something really cool that happened this week- There is a street in town that is super close to where we live and we pass it just about everyday. Everytime we passed it I kept having the feeling that we needed to contact that street but I kept pushing it aside thinking that every other missionary had contacted there because it's so close to our apartment. But I kept getting that prompting. So finally I told Hermana Melgar about it and we decided to contact that street. We met a lady who had received the restoration pamphlet from the elders a couple months ago and she had read it and really liked the message but the elders had never passed by again so she just pushed it to the side and moved on. But she was so excited when we showed up at her house and in that first lesson, she accepted a baptismal date! Then, in the second lesson with her, we taught about the 5 steps in the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, and endure to the end) and at the end of the lesson we invited her to say the prayer. In the middle of her prayer she had a long pause so I looked up and she had this shocked look on her face for a couple seconds and then kept going and finished her prayer. After she finished it she told us, "I felt this feeling come over me... I don't know what it was.... but I felt it! I felt something! Look! I have goosebumps!" It was incredible! She was so excited and so happy!

I had the opportunity to speak in church this week on the joy of service. Service is one of my favorite subjects to speak on because I've had so many examples of service in my life. There is a quote I found in True to the Faith that I love. I'm translating it from Spanish so it might not be exact but more or less it says, "You will notice that the key to true happiness is to labor to achieve the happiness of others." I love this! We can be truly happy if we are diligently seeking to improve the lives of others and help them in whatever way we can. It made me think of Granny when I read this. Despite her suffering and her pain and her condition, she was always serving those around her and she was always happy. she had found the key to true happiness and no mortal challenge or trial could take this hapiness away from her. I know we can be truly happy too, if we lose ourselves in the service of others. Because afterall, "when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God."

I love you all so much and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!

Mom- we still haven't received anything, but then again mail hasn't been sent here since Christmas so I'm sure it's in the mission office. We get mail once or twice a month here because we're the farthest away from the office. But we have a zone meeting tomorrow so I'm sure we'll get it then.

Dad- thanks for sharing your thoughts about your singles ward! That's awesome that you're seeing so much change in the ward. Yay! :)

Nathan- you went ring shopping?! How weird...... It's literally driving me crazy that I haven't even met her yet. I can't wait until Mother's Day! :) How are you going to do it?

Heidi- I'm so sorry about your ankle! That sounds super painful.... But I'm so glad that you already love your calling! It's such a great opportunity to serve those around you and to serve the Lord. :)

Also, let me know when Christopher submits his mission papers! I want to throw my guess in the pot :)

Love you all!!!!

~Hermana Allan

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