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January 25, 2016

Trio with Sister Human and Sister Melgar

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Lighthouse in Cabo Rojo


This week was incredible!!!! First of all, I feel so extremely blessed and humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for the chance I had to witness the baptisms of A., H., and K. on Saturday. It was incredible. Preparing for the baptism was insane! We were also planning two ward activities, one on Friday and one on Saturday, as well as the baptisms so we were super super busy and super stressed, but in the end it all came together! It was amazing to see how happy each of them were after they were baptized. One thing that we failed to discover before the baptism is that H. (the 8 year old) has a fear of getting wet...... That resulted in many many tears and a lot of convincing to go in the water. In the end, her mom had to be in the font with her and the priesthood holder said the prayer really quickly and dunked her under really fast to get it over with. It was very interesting and kind of funny now that we think about it. :) But it's all good, because they did it!!!!!!

Also, the activities ended up being really good too! We had quite a few people show up for both of them and we received several references, so it was pretty affective! On Monday, we finally took the chance to go sightseeing and we visited the lighthouse! It was absolutely gorgeous! It was a nice hike along the ocean to get there with beautiful views the entire time. It was super fun! Then on Wednesday, there was a missionary devotional for all the missionaries in the world and it was super powerful! Elder Anderson and Elder Bednar and a few people of the seventy gave a little training on how to be an effective missionary and we learned so much! It was awesome!

We also had a kind of funny/humbling miracle that happened this week. We were out contacting and while we were walking we were talking about the effectiveness of handing out pass-along cards. Up until this point, I hadn't received a single call from someone that had received a card and Hermana Melgar hadn't either. So we were talking about why we still do it or how we can do it better so that it's actually worth it and in the middle of that conversation the phone rang and it was someone that had found a pass-along card on the ground and wanted to know what the church was about. We learned a very good lesson that day. :)

Now for the part I know you were all waiting for..... TRANSFERS!!!!! I'm staying here in Cabo Rojo and guess what? I'M TRAINING!!!!! I'm super duper nervous but excited at the same time! I'll meet her tomorrow and we'll see if she's una gringa o latina. :) Hermana Melgar is going to Carolinas to be in a trio again. I feel bad because a trio is not the ideal situation on a mission, so I'm just hoping and praying that she has a good experience! This transfer has been incredible here in Cabo Rojo with Hermana Melgar. I love looking back and seeing all the things I've learned from each companion and area and I'm super excited for this next adventure of training!

I love the picture of all you guys at the baptism! What a lovely family I have! :)

I love you guys all so so very much and I hope you have a wonderful week. Never forget who you are or what you stand for and most of all never forget the Lord. Include him in everything you do and you will be blessed immeasurably! Stay strong and keep on pushing on in the strength of the Lord! :)

~Hermana Allan

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