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April 25, 2016 - "The Tempests of Life"

Hiking through some caves

Hello!!!! What a wonderful week! Basically everything was centered around A. and getting him ready for his baptism. And let me tell you, I have never seen anyone so prepared, so ready, and so excited for their baptism. He is amazing! He has such a strong testimony and I feel like he converted me more than I taught him. And his baptism was probably the sweetest moment on my misison so far. Hermana Curneal waited for him outside of the font and when he came out he just covered his face in his towel and wept. He knelt down and just started praying saying "Thank you God, thank you." It was the tenderest and most spiritual experience ever. This is what it's all about. Watching others come to know their Father in Heaven and then changing their lives to draw closer to Him and then seeing them experience the blessings and the joy that comes from the restored gospel. It's incredible. And President Boucher and his wife came down for the baptism too! It was such a wonderful moment. :) I was going to send a few quotes from A. but I forgot my journal where I wrote them down so I'll have to send some next week.... but just know that he's amazing and has such a strong testimony. :)

Also, today we had a zone activity! We visited some caves in the middle of nowhere. We had a gorgeous hour long hike in the mountains in the rain to get to the caves and then had a little "fireside" inside the cave. It was absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love nature and am awed by the beauty of the world. They truly do "denote there is a God." It was wonderful. :)

I got lots of questions from you guys this week so I'll try my best to answer all of them.....

Mom- The members sister that we had such a cool experience with- we actually can't visit her anymore..... her husband is completely against the church and told us we can't pass by again. It was heartbreaking. But we're praying that his heart will be soften so that he will accept us and more importantly, accept the gospel.

Dad- I don't know if I'm going to be able to get to all of your questions but I'll try my best.... Ward council is basically all about missionary work. He just gives the time over to us and we talk about our investigators and their needs and how the members can help us. The Ward Mission Leaders basically are only involved if we're planning a baptism. Favorite meals..... There's too many. :) I love pastalone, fried chicken, pollo guisado, tostones, temblaque, pinchos, etc. The meals here are almost always some kind of rice with beans and some kind of meat. So I really like it when it's something different.... :) For me revelation comes mainly in prayers and studying the scriptures. It comes more often when I'm really pondering on the particular question and diligently searching for the answer. The advice for Christopher and for Nathan will have to come later when I have more time to think and pray about it.... Thanks for the questions!

That is the cutest picture of Nathan and Michelle ever!!!! I can't get over their cuteness. Do I get an invitation? :)

Oh, and Mother's Day is so soon!!!! Yes, we can skype, we just have to find a member with skype first.... What time to you guys have church? We're trying to plan around your schedule and if I remember right, you guys have it in the afternoon and Hermana Curneal's family has it in the morning so we're not quite sure when we're going to do it.... It'll probably be later on in the day, maybe 4ish? I'll have a more sure time next week but really we can do it whenever so when would be best for you guys?

I was going to share a few thoughts from my studies this week with you guys but I also forgot that at our house.... just know that I know this gospel is true with all of my heart. What else could bring us so much joy and peace and give us so much purpose in our lives? Even when times are rough, it's the gospel that pulls us through. I've been reading the story of the brother of Jared in Ether and I found something that I absolutely love. It talks about the winds that tossed them around in the ocean and that pushed them under until they were buried by the waves, but even amongst all that, it was the same wind that continuously nudged them towards the promised land. We have our own winds in our lives that bring trials and tribulations but ultimately, they're also blowing us towards our own lands of promise. Those trials and tribulations refine us and help us become who we need to be and help prepare us for that promised land that God has in store for us. In your moments of struggle, don't get discouraged. But keep moving forward and think of how that trial is moving you towards that promised land.

I love you all so so very much and can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!!!!!! Have a super fantabulous week! :) :) :)

~Hermana Allan

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