Friday, July 22, 2016

July 11, 2016 - Who Am I?

With Hermana Ahlander

Hermana Allan and Hermana Jacobsen

Hermana Helmick and Hermana Allan

With the leaders of the Caguas zone

With the AP's

Not sure about wearing pants....

Hermana Helmick trying out the pants before going home

A member took them to get Frappes

Making Mofongo

Exchange with Hermana Mellado from Chile

A member makes these ceramic dolls for every missionary
Hello family! Thank you all so much for the emails and the pictures and all your love! How crazy is it that there are two missionaries out now?! So cool! :) Thanks for forwarding me his email! He sent me the sweetest email last week that I'm going to forward to you so you can read it too. :)

This week we went and visited a less active named W. We invited her to share the gospel with friends and family through social media and she was so excited to do it! She said, "let's do it right now! Let's record a hymn and I'll post it!" So I'll send you the video too. :) 

On Wednesday we had MLC and it was seriously the most spiritual meeting I have ever been in. It was incredible. We talked about being consecrated missionaries and giving ourselves completely over to the Lord. It's so cool that when we give ourselves over to the Lord we are actually gaining more than we are giving, because He is so much greater than ourselves and He can make us into more than we can imagine. When we give Him our will, it allows Him to change us and change is the greatest blessing we can receive because that's how we become more like our Father in Heaven. Then, at the end all the people going home were given their chance to bear their testimonies and it was just so spiritual and so cool to see how the mission truly changes people and helps us draw closer to Christ. 

Then, I had an awesome intercambio with Hermana Mellado from Chile. She is an absolutely INCREDIBLE missionary and I learned so much from her!!!! I just let feeling so inspired and motivated and I hope that I can be that example to others. That through knowing me, people will want to know Him and have the desire to listen and accept the gospel in their own lives. It was such a great experience!

Also, our investigators asked us to help them out at their kids birthday party and it was so much fun! We got to be superheroes for a bit and do some service at the same time. It was wonderful! Oh, and I got to meet batman. :) 

Also, TRANSFERS!!!!!!!! Well, Hermana Helmick is finishing and will leave on Wednesday morning and then my new comp is Hermana Keith from Utah! I think the Lord really wants me to have awesome mission reunions after the mission because basically all my comps are from Utah so I'll be able to see them all the time afterwards. It's awesome! :) Hermana Keith were really good friends when I was in Cabo Rojo so we already know each other so I know it will be so fun working together! And, Hermana Melgar is getting transferred into my zone so I'll get to do intercambios with her! I'm so excited!!! :) 

So, seeing Hermana Helmick get ready to go home made me realize that I should probably start a couple things as well... Would you guys be able to check on housing and class registration for winter semester at BYU? I'm not sure when they start so if you guys could look into that that would be wonderful. And Nathan and Michelle could probably help a lot with that too. Thank you! 

I've been thinking a lot lately about our divine nature and how the Lord sees us. I remember at the beginning of this transfer when I was called as STL, I kept thinking "Who am I to lead these sisters? Who am I to speak in front of all of them and tell them what to do? Who am I to be 'in charge'? I'm nothing special. I'm not any better than they are. Why should they listen to me?" But then one day I realized, "Who am I not to be?" The Lord is the one who knows us and sees our potential. He's the one who knows what we need and what others need and puts us in their path to be able to help them. The Lord loves each and every one of us. Every soul is of great worth to the Lord. If we put ourselves in His hands, He will help us reach our full potential and will help us help others reach their full potential as well. So next time you have negative thoughts about yourself, remember that you are a child of God. He has great plans for you and loves you for who you are. Who are you? You are a child of God with great worth and divine potential. 

I love you all and hope you have an absolutely wonderful week!!!! IIIII LOOOOVVVVEEEE YYYOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!!! :) :) :) 

~Hermana Allan

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