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May 23, 2016 - The Work of Eternity

at a ward party

Happy Day!

Sisters Allan and Curneal

District activity on Pday - Cave Diving


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Wow, so many things to tell you this week! First, Monday was the best p-day I have ever have. We went cave diving for like 4 hours. It was so fun!!! And these were legit caves. It wasn't just walking into a large cave and that's it, but these were tiny spaces so we were crawling, climbing, squeezing in between rocks and everything. It was so much fun!

Also, I found my all time favorite food. It's called gyro pastalone. Pastalone is like lasagna but instead of pasta, it's amarillos (fried bananas) and then the gyro part is that instead of ground beef, it's lamb. It was sooooo amazingly good. I'll attempt to make it for you guys when I get home. :)

I never thought I would see the day when we would be allowed to wear pants! I don't think I will though because it is sooooo stinking hot so I'll think I'll stick with the skirt and I'll be sure to slather on the bug spray. :) 

This week we had a really cool experience. One day we felt prompted to go to a specific urbanization but we weren't really sure why, but we went anyways. Turns out that there had been a major car accident and one of the drivers had passed away leaving behind a 9 year old daughter and his 18 year old wife and many beloved family and friends. The Lord had guided us to that area and He placed many people in our path who had been effected by the accident and who needed comfort and peace and we were able to help them out and teach them about the plan of salvation. It was an incredible experience. Many times we don't know or understand what's happening in others' lives, but there are so many people crying out to God for help and guidance and we (having received the blessing of the fulness of the gospel) have the wonderful opportunity to be the Lord's hands and find those wandering sheep, those broken and torn apart souls, those hearts in need of mending. "because I have been given much I too must give." We've been blessed to know the truth, so now our responsibility is to share it with others and lead them home. 

also you should go look up this song and listen to it. It made me cry because it explains mission life so well. "The hardest thing I ever loved to do" by Nashville Tribute Band. It's wonderful. 

Also, dad I have a question for you. We met an investigator this week who has Colon cancer and she has had missionaries visit her in the past and she loves it and basically already knows it's true but she can't come to church because she doesn't ever leave her house. she's embarassed about her condition and is worried that something unexpected will happen with the bag. Do you have any advice that I could give her that would help her overcome that fear and come to church? Thanks! :)

This week I've been thinking a lot about the blessings in the scriptures that are promised to those who accept the gospel. I love what it says in 2 Nephi about Zion and what we'll be able to enjoy if we live worthy to enter in Zion.
2 Nephi 8: 3, 11 For the Lord shall comfort Zionhe will comfort all her waste places; and he will make her wilderness like Eden,and her desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving and the voice of melody.
 11 Therefore, the redeemed of the Lord shall returnand come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy and holiness shall be upon their heads; and they shall obtain gladness and joy; sorrow and mourning shall flee away.

Doesn't that sound wonderful? Joy, gladness, holiness, thanksgiving, no sorrow or mourning. What if people understood these blessings? What if they understood the significance of the message we share? What if we could grasp the eternal promises that are awaiting the righteous and faithful? Would we come running? Would people be begging us to get baptized? I think so. If we could fully comprehend how happy, how joyful, how blessed we could be in the eternities, we would do absolutely anything to reach it. God has prepared mansions for us in heaven and we have been promised that all will be ours if we simply lay down our nets and follow Him and be fishers of men. Our sacrifices here on earth are nothing when compared to the greatness of the blessings we will receive. May we follow Him and be worthy of the glorious reward He has prepared for us. One day we can be made perfect and live in perfect peace and rest. One day we can reach eternal life and receive exaltation. One day we can live with Him again.

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for everything and I hope all goes well with wedding planning and graduation and school and work and everything! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! :) 

~Hermana Allan

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