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July 4, 2016 - Limiting the Lord

District Meeting

Celebrating Hermana Helmick being out for 18 months

Hello family! This week was soooo good! Ever since being called as a sister training leader I've seen more blessings and miracles than I had ever thought possible! We have to take out so much time from working for driving, meetings, intercambios, etc so we can't work the full week in our area, but the Lord knows that and He blesses us in so many ways so that we can still work with the time we have and still see progress in our area. It's incredible. 

This week we were on our way to a less active and we had a feeling that we should go a different way than usual. So we did but we weren't too familiar with the new way so we got lost and went down the wrong street. But we passed a man who was out working in his yard and we stopped to give him a card and we ended up talking for awhile about religion and then at the end he asked "Would I be allowed to go to church with you?" We were speechless. No one has ever asked me before if they could come to church with us! It was incredible. Then we had another lesson with him later with our ward mission leader and it was so incredibly spiritual. He is golden! Sadly, he never showed up at church, but I know he'll come next week! 

We had a super cool member-missionary moment this week too. The bishop's daughter took us to the house of one of her friends and introduced us to the whole family and again we had a wonderful, super spiritual lesson. It's incredible that the Lord is putting all these people in our path who are so spiritual ready to accept the gospel. And I definitely learned to appreciate member missionary work and hope that I can find a way to help the missionaries when I get home! :)

Then, we've been noticing that the members didn't feel super comfortable with us (which of course we don't want because we want them to give us references and ask for our help and such) so we started thinking of ways that we could gain more confidence with them. We picked a few members and wrote cute little letters for them and gave them to the members at church last week. Right after church, one of them called us and thanked us for the card and asked us to help us clean her house. It was awesome! She was a member that usually stayed away from the missionaries and did everything herself, but she asked us to help her! So we got to spend one morning with her cleaning her house. It was so fun and now she definitely trusts us more and hopefully will come with us on visits! :)

We had some fabulous exchanges this week but unfortunately I forgot to take pics with them.... :( so those will come next week! :)

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all enjoyed the parade, fireworks, BBQ, etc. :) We had a super fun district activity to celebrate the 4th of July. We did this super intense hike, straight up a mountain to get to the most gorgeous view I've ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice but it was absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Puerto Rico truly has my heart and I'm just continuously in awe at how beautiful this world is. I love it! 

One more miracle..... we had prayed to know which old investigators we should visit again and we picked one named E. We tried finding her house but the direction we had was wrong and then we asked some neighbors who said she moved to the states and then other neighbors said she moved to a different area and basically we just spent several weeks trying to find her but we never could. Then on Saturday we stopped in a bakery to use the bathroom and a lady came up to us and started talking to us and asking us where we're from and such. We asked her what her name is and she said E. Turns out, that it was the same E. we had been looking for for so long!!!! It was such a huge miracle!!! So we have an appointment with her this week and hopefully it goes well! :)

The spiritual thought I want to share has to do with what happened Sunday last week. Hermana Helmick and I have been working so hard to reach the standards of excellence at least once on our missions, but we hadn't been able to. They're pretty difficult goals for Puerto Rico and hardly any missionaries get them. But we set lots of goals in June to be able to reach them and last week we were a little bit short. Sunday was our last possible day to reach them. We needed a reactivation and 4 more investigators in church. Things had kept falling through so we weren't sure we were going to reach it. But we prayed on Saturday to know what more we could do to make it happen and we opened to Enos 1:15.

I cried unto him continually, for he had said unto me: Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it.

We had been praying and fasting so much to reach the standards of excellence and when we read this scripture we realized that we weren't having enough faith and that we were limiting the Lord. But like the scripture says, if we ask in faith, we will receive it. If we asked with sufficient faith, the Lord would give it to us. So we did all we could and tried our best to not limit Him and then we trusted in His power and waited. It was so stressful as we started church with only 2 investigators there and none of our less actives. As I sat at the piano I prayed and prayed and prayed, hoping that more would show up. Then right before the sacrament started, in comes 3 more investigators and a less active. If I didn't have to play the sacrament hymn I probably would have lost it and started bawling. We were able to reach the standards of excellence and it's all because of the Lord. Sometimes we limit the lord in what He can do because it's not "logical" or "reasonable" but truly, He can do anything and everything. If we give ourselves completely to Him and have faith in His power, we will receive. I testify that that is true. God is all powerful and He will bless us with miracles if we let Him. This is the true gospel and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. There aren't words to explain how marvelous it is, but truly it is the way to eternal life and true joy. 

I love you all and hope you have an absolutely wonderful week!!!!! I love you so much!

Good luck Christopher on Wednesday!!!! (oh and you should check your email)
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMELIA on Sunday!!!!! :)

~Hermana Allan

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