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June 27, 2016 - A Week of Miracles

Service project

Self-Esteem issues? Think wisely. You are a child of God, and with His help you will develop your full potential. 
With the Mission President's wife, Sister Boucher

Making 150 cupcakes to celebrate Mothers/Fathers Day

Wow this week was insane! But so good as always! :) And I hope you don't mind if I send a gazilion photos because we just did so much this week and there is so much to say so hopefully I can do it all justice. Here I go :)

These week has been super crazy because all the members are trying to do something for Hna. Helmick to say goodbye so we've been eating a lot with them and doing other things with them which has been crazy but really fun! 

Also, we had a fun activity on Wednesday where we put backpacks together to give to children in need. It was so much fun! Later that day, Hermana Boucher came down and we went on visits with her! She is so amazing! It was so fun to teach with her and learn from her example. She's a rockstar :). 

Then we had so many miracles. We found several investigators that had disappeared and we were finally able to find out what is going on and if they are still interested and the good news is that they are still willing to progress and prepare for baptism! One of these miracles was with the miracle couple M. and A. We had had such a spiritual experience finding them but then they had disappeared and we weren't sure why. But we found them this week and all is well and we are going to continue teaching them and helping them progress! Then we had several amazing experiences with a young man whose mom was killed in a car accident so now he's left alone without any other family. The Lord lead us to him at the perfect moment and we have been able to help him turn to the Lord for strength. He is so humble and so broken and it's been such a beautiful experience seeing the gospel putting those pieces back together and healing his heart. 

Then, Thursday was the craziest day ever. We had been planning a baptism for Sunday for the daughter of a recent convert that we've been working with but then when we talked to bishop about it he told us about a meeting Sunday night that would conflict with the baptism. So we told the recent convert that and she said "well, how about we just do it today?" We were shocked. That never happens. So we called bishop again and he was like "Sure. Go for it!" So in 4 hours we planned a baptism and called all the members, etc, and had a baptism! It was wonderful! And I'm so extremely grateful for this ward and the members here. In any other ward it would be so hard getting the members support and getting people to plan a talk with such short notice but all the members were like "sure! I'll be there! I can totally give a talk!" It was such a HUGE miracle! I know the Lord made it all possible and that we couldn't have done it without Him. 

Then the next day, the other sisters here in Guayama had a baptism too! And right after we had such a fun ward activity to celebrate Mothers and Fathers Day. And we made 150 cupcakes for the activity! It was crazy but so much fun! :) The Lord is giving us so many opportunities to serve, learn, grow, love, and live. He is so wonderful! :)

And then today we had a wonderful sisters activity with all the sisters in the zone. We went to a gorgeous nature reserve and had a great time! Life is just so beautiful and I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to be here in Puerto Rico, serving the Lord for a year and a half. It's the best experience in the world and I wouldn't give it up for anything. 

Thanks for all the pictures! You guys all look so stunning and happy! How fun to be with all the family! :) I must say, I'm very impressed with Chris. He emailed me this week and made me cry. He has changed and I know that he's ready for his mission and that he is going to be a wonderful missionary and servant of the Lord in Germany. I just love you all so so very much and I thank my Father in Heaven everyday for blessing me with such wonderful parents and siblings who are wonderful examples to me. I love you all so very much! 

And congratulations mom!!! You're so stinking close to the end! Keep going! You can do it! I love you!!! Dad, I'm so glad you got my letter. Hope you had a wonderful Father's day! And Chris, there's a letter for you in the mail so don't leave on your mission until you get it. :) I'm so glad you all survived the craziness of the wedding and farewell and everything and I hope you can rest a bit this week. Love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I'm out of time now, but remind me next week to tell you what happened on Sunday. It was a huge miracle and I don't want to forget. :) Thanks!

~Hermana Allan

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